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Dr Gareth Davies

Research Associate

Research Impact Evidence Manager

Evaluation and researcher in the Institute of Educational Technology (Learning and Technology Innovation) and the Knowledge Media Institute, sharing my time between two interdisciplinary research projects and co-supervising an EdD research student with Prof. Allison Littlejohn. I'm interested in informal and self-directed learning, technology enhanced and community based learning and impact-evaluation.

Current Projects

As an evaluation researcher Gareth is currently responsible for supporting the following cross-institutional and interdisciplinary research projects:


Exploring community developed ("DIY") computer networks to support citizen engagement and collective awareness ( ). In this project we are investigating how community owned and developed computer networks might solve local social issues and sustainable living. This project is funded by the EU's Horizon 2020 CAPS framework (Jan 2016 - Dec 2018). Mark is working with Dr. Gareth Davies and we're working closely with community technologists SPC, led by James Stevens, on a pilot study in Deptford, London, 'Creeknet'. The Open University is responsible for meta-evaluation of the four project pilot studies (Deptford, Zurich, Berlin, Kokkinopilos).

Embedding and sustaining inclusive STEM practices

Led by the Open University, this project will evaluate module design and delivery in STEM to embed values and practices of inclusive learning, most notably for disabled students (

Recent Projects

The following projects have been recently completed, but we are still writing up the findings and interested to find ways to continue the work - get in touch!

Schools University Partnership Initiative (SUPI)

TheRCUK-funded SUPI, ‘Engaging opportunities: connecting young people with contemporary research and researchers’ project.  This involved thinking creatively about existing opportunities to engage with schools, evaluating impact and determining the scope for developing new initiatives. To find out more about this project and what we are achieving, please watch the following video.

Energy Strategies Under Uncertainty - Identifying techniques for managing uncertainty in the energy sector

Research fellow working on the UKERC-funded research contract with Cranfield University that focused on developing a conceptual model to help practitioners in the energy system know what techniques they should consider using to assess uncertainty characterizing their decisions. 

International Service Learning Programmes: The development assignment of the 21st century

Consultancy contract with Emerging World, investigating the perceived value ‘international service learning’ has for developing cross-cultural global leadership competencies.  


An EU FP7 project improving financial decision making in three different fields of practice: professional trading, private investment, and personal finance. The project used and evaluated the potential of games, game technologies, and sensors as components in learning support environments, and as tools to conduct experimental and field research. As research associate I liaised between technical developers, games designers, and psychologists to enable the running of field trials with financial traders.


Gareth is currently supervising Sarah Bridgman, EdD student, whose work is exploring the use of agile methodologies for HEI course production. Expected completion October 2019.

Gareth has previously supervised numerous MSc students at Coventry University.


A broad background in environmental science and in-depth knowledge of designing and developing decision-support tools to account for human bias. Complete an EPSRC-funded PhD that focused on pulling together insights from psychology, sociology and computer science to create an agent-based model. The purpose was to capture the impact personality and power dynamics have on the measure of trust, receptivity and thereby confidence government place in lines of evidence.  

Completed a Defra-funded MSc by Research in the School of Applied Science at Cranfield University, where I developed a decision-support tool for regulators wanting to compare multiple disparate risks. 

Completed a Masters of Research (Mres, Merit) in Marine Science Technology at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne.  This specialized in eco-toxicology involving a laboratory study for investigating the potential effects Nonlyphenol has on the asymmetric development of harpacticoid nauplii. 

Completed a BSc (Hons) at Bournemouth University in Environmental Protection.  The focus of the dissertation was carried out at the UK research center for aquaculture (ResaerchFish) on the West Coast of Scotland in Ardtoe.  This resulted in the development of a re-circulation unit for the culture of harpacticoid copepods as a viable live food for cod larvae. 











MAZI (MAZI:Developing a DIY networking toolkit for location-based collective awareness ) 2016 - 2018