Photo of Garron Hillaire

Garron Hillaire

Research Student

I am interested in the interplay between emotion and cognition during learning. I pursue this interest through research into novel methods of measuring emotion during collaborative learning. My primary focus is on detecting the sentiment in chat messages and investigating their potential relationship with the emotional experiences of students. I have taught an online course on UDL 101 for in service teachers in MA, USA. My background in UDL comes from my masters of education in technology innovation and education. In addition to teaching the online course I have also done two years of in person teacher coaching for 1st and 2nd year STEM teachers on the topic of UDL.

His background started with working in a variety of technology startup companies in the United States in Seattle, WA. While working for startups in e-commerce, the music industry, and the legal industry he completed a degree in Mathematics with the philosophy option at the University of Washington.  With a rich analytic skillset he decided to seek to contribute to society.

He started to transform his skills toward the service of education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education through a Masters in Technology Innovation and Education.  Upon graduation he joined the nonprofit CAST to participate in research on Universal Design for Learning.  During his time at CAST he developed an interest in Learning Analytics and helped to organize events in the Boston area on the topic. 

With experience in working on large scale research projects, a technology background, and an interest in Learning Analytics he joined the Open World Learning research project as a PhD student through the Leverhulme Fellowship.






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