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George Alain

Research Student

I am a PhD researcher at the Institute of Educational Technology. I have a computer science background in projects in the areas of finance, health risk management, games, virtual reality, and educational games.

PhD research:

My PhD thesis title is "A Process for Designing Educational Technology Systems for Displaced War-Affected Children". I am focusing on the literature from emergency education, student engagement, technology system design, and participatory design. I have conducted two case studies in Greece to design educational technology systems. One case study at Ritsona refugee camp, and the other at 4 formal schools hosting refugee children with the Greek children. My work highlights the importance of proper problem definition before the design of educational technology. Additionally, my work stresses the importance of trust grounded inclusive participatory approaches in all stages of system design. Such approaches include ethno-methodology, focus groups, and participatory design workshops with adults and children. Children should be given voice in both contextual system design and the educational contents. Researchers in this field should make themselves aware of the contextual and demographic challenges before starting the design process.

Teaching experience:

I have two years of teaching experience of computing subjects such as fundamentals of computing, object oriented programming, and technology skills for academic life.

George is a full time PhD researcher working on his thesis titled:"A Process for Designing Educational Technology Systems for Displaced War-Affected Children". George is experienced in conducting field work and participatory design workshops with children and adults.


(2015-present): PhD student at the Open University,  Institute of Educational Technology (IET).

(2013) MSc in Information Technology Management  University of Bradford, UK.

(2009) BSc in Computer Sciences (2004-2009) University Of Kalamoon, Syria.



OWL (Open World Learning) 2015 - 2020

British HCI 2018

Poster | 4th July 2018

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