James Cantwell BA (Hons), HE Dip

Communications Manager


I am Communications Manager at the Institute of Educational Technology at The Open University.


James is Communications Manager at the Institute of Educational Technology at The Open University.

He holds a BA Honours degree in English Language and Communications with Media Cultures and a BA Honours Higher Education Diploma (HE Dip) in International Journalism and European Reporting from the 'Europe in the World' advanced journalism specification, taught at the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus, Denmark, and the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, School of Journalism, The Netherlands. James is currently studying an Msc in Systems Thinking in Practice at The Open University.

In September 2023, James was selected as Buddy Scheme Coordinator and Committee Member for the RAISE Network (Researching, Advancing, Inspiring Student Engagement). 

Between 2017-2022, James volunteered in successive research projects as a Research Intern and Research Assistant, exploring student-staff partnership with a focus support for mental health awareness training in higher education. The project was funded by the University of Hertfordshire Learning and Teaching Awards 2017 and presented at conferences in 2022 and 2023.

In 2018, James co-organised and co-hosted the TEDx University of Hertfordshire 'Surviving as a graduate in a complex world'. 

During 2014-15, James was selected as Student Committee Member in the RAISE Network, the largest student engagement network in the UK, attending the annual RAISE conference at Manchester Metropolitan University, following successive years as a Student Representative at the University of Hertfordshire. In 2015, James co-hosted a Student Discussion Summit at Birmingham City University with the aim 'to discuss and create enhancement and innovations to change perspectives on Higher Education through active sessions to develop the Student Engagement Agenda'. 



Payne, Helen; Cantwell, James and Bristow, Richard. (). A student-staff partnership conducting research in higher education: An analysis of student and staff reflections. International Journal for Students As Partners, 7 (1) pp. 96-109.


Adams, Anne; FitzGerald, Elizabeth; Sargent, Julia; Bektik, Duygu; Ismail, Nashwa; Bossu, Carina and Clough, Gill. (). The CPD2 Change Cycle: Enabling development for Online Higher Education. In: CALRG 2021 Book of Abstracts, The Open University, 24-24.


Deans Award Highly Commended, 'Transformation through work experience'.

University of Hertfordshire School of Humanities Deans Awards

Deans Award Winner, 'Commitment to international awareness and understanding'.

University of Hertfordshire School of Humanities Deans Awards

Designation of Excellence

Awarded by the 'Europe in the World' programme board.