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John Pettit MA (Cambridge) in English Literature; MA (Open) in Online and Distance Education

Honorary Associate

I worked in IET between 2001 and 2016, dividing my time between teaching, scholarship and research. Throughout that period, I was closely involved in the MAODE - first as chair of H804 and then of H800, and also as Programme Director in my final three years before retiring. I also worked across the University, for example with module teams in the Arts Faculty to introduce live online tutorials into their teaching.

Now as an Honorary Associate, I continue my interest in the MAODE and in live online tutorials - and particularly in ways of encouraging and enabling students to take an active role in their own learning.

In addition to his teaching, scholarship and research, John worked closely with other faculties, providing leadership as they innovated in their own teaching. Until 2014 he was the Arts 'Data Wrangler' - writing reports and recommendations based on analysis of their VLE Usage Data and End of Module Survey Data.

His teaching roles included:

  • Chair ofH800 Technology-enhanced learning: practices and debates. He worked with colleagues in IET and other areas of the OU - and with Associate Lecturers. Associate Lecturers have responsibility for fostering the social and learning climate for their group of students, leading web-conferencing discussions, grading and commenting on assignments, providing invaluable feedback from the front line, and so on.
  • Programme Director of IET's innovative Masters in Online and Distance Education. In this role, he worked with all IET's other teaching staff and with colleagues across the university.




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Open University Teaching Award.

For leadership in technology-enhanced learning and teaching.