Photo of Lesley Boyd

Lesley Boyd MSc MRes PG Cert ODE (Open)

Research Student

Lesley is a final year PhD research student in the Open University Institute of Educational Technology (IET), researching technology-enabled organisational learning & improvement. Her PhD title is 'Using technology-enabled learning networks in public service to achieve practical improvement outcomes'.

She has a Masters in Business Management Systems from Warwick Business School, where she adopted a strategic and systemic approach toher work. She has worked as an independent consultant since 1992, based both in the UK and South Africa. She specialises in supporting individuals and teams to collaborate together to understand, evaluate and improve whatever it is they are doing, especially across different boundaries and contexts. In 2009,she joined the first cohort of the IET Masters in Online and Distance Education H800 module, whilst based in Johannesburg.She achieved a postgraduate certificate in technology enhanced learning, and in doing so was able to apply TEL to her professional area of quality improvement and enhancement. Her research interests focus on the collaborative use of technology for organisational learning, and how learning networks can be implemented to generate practical organisational improvement outcomes.

She graduated with a second Masters in Research Skills at the OU in 2017.

She has implemented, trained and consulted on quality improvement systems in a variety of public and private sector service organisations, including local government, commercial IT training, air travel, and higher education.