Conference Presentation

Researching Open Education: A systematic review of GO-GN theses

OE Global Conference 2017 | Cape Town, South Africa | 8th March 2017

As the OER/open education field matures, so the need for high quality research increases. This research will aid the shift from belief-driven advocacy to evidence based decision making. In recent years some significant research initiatives have emerged: the OER Research Hub at the OU in the UK (funded by the Hewlett Foundation), ROER4D (the program on Research in OER for Development, coordinated by UCT in Cape Town and funded by the Canadian IDRC), and the Open Education Group in Utah. However, research into OER/open education is still relatively new, while many research questions remain unaddressed or unanswered. There is thus a need to help establish this field and the quality of research as it grows in order to:

• develop and explore new knowledge in the broad OER field linked to a variety of disciplines;
• provide a solid foundation for the introduction and implementation of OER innovations;
• monitor and evaluate the outcomes of institutional, national and international OER initiatives;
• increase evidence and guidance for OER in practice.

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