Optimising feedback for student motivation and engagement

1st International Conference on Open Learning | Arab Open University, Kuwait | 25th November 2013

Optimising feedback for student motivation

& engagement


Assessment feedback has been an evolving construct used in

education to enrich, inform, and complement the mainstream

teaching process. Using feedback for motivation however, has

been underutilised and undervalued throughout this process and

further highlighted with the introduction of electronic teaching and



This workshop will provide insight into the various methodologies,

opportunities and best practice for feedback for motivation in the

e-Assessment setting. It aims to assist educators and practitioners

to identify the benefits of feedback for motivation through the

OpenMentor model and will explore the methods in which to

support educator feedback to students via digitally assisted

technologies for formative e-Assessments.


Attend this workshop and learn:


-       How to provide and receive praise for e-Assessment feedback based on a tried and tested structured framework


-       Practical methods to communicate motivational feedback via technology on e-Assessments