The ‘Place’ of Mobile Learning? Patterns of use, changing study habits and emerging opportunities

LATIS Scholarship Centre Series | Milton Keynes, UK | 30th January 2019

The course will explore how anytime-anywhere seamless learning is put into practice by students and ask how universities can better support learning with handheld devices. Starting with data from a five-year Open University investigation into use of mobile technologies for learning (n>1500) and then drawing on insight from other studies, we will explore patterns and practices relating to ‘what’ and ‘where’ learners study using smartphones, tablets and e-readers, how study habits are changing (or not changing), and students’ future appetite and ideas for use. An activity will follow the presentation to examine three questions: What place should mobile learning have in teaching and learning in the future? What might this look like? And what further scholarship and institutional changes are necessary to achieve this ambition?