Smart tools for mobile language learners

International Symposium - CALLmi: where are CALL and MALL going? Directions for future research | Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy | 23rd May 2019

Mobile language learning on smartphones and tablets has been a growing field, combining research, classroom practice, and everyday experiences among learners looking to find new tools and resources to support their individual needs. Out in the world beyond the classroom, mobile and ubiquitous technologies are proliferating, and voice-based interaction with phones and smart home devices is becoming more common. People are talking to services that respond to questions and commands, and many are swapping text messages with chatbots that offer to solve their problems. Intelligent assistants are increasingly available, although not to everyone. These developments have implications for language learners and their teachers, caught in a complex landscape of newly available technologies that are impacting learning practices yet hovering on the margins of formal education, with possibly benevolent or menacing intent. An intelligent assistant might amplify human capabilities in language learning or it might hinder their development. The aims of this presentation are to reflect on the evolution of the field of mobile language learning, to map out the emerging territory of smart or intelligent assistance, and to consider implications for a range of stakeholders.   

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