Conference Presentation

Transforming classroom observation and professional development with 360-degree video

CALRG Conference 2019 | Milton Keynes, UK | 18th June 2019

360-degree video and mobile VR technologies are creating new opportunities not just for learners but for teachers and researchers. This paper explores how the managed use of 360-degree video has the potential to deliver a step-change in teacher education, classroom observation and educational research. In particular how classroom teaching practice is recorded, watched, shared and integrated into teacher development activities. This presentation reports the findings of challenging pilot that was conducted in Madhya Pradesh, India. The significance of the decision to locate the trial in rural schools in a low- to medium-income country will be discussed along with how 360-degree vide was combined with mobile technologies to record and view classroom taeching. Merely demonstrating this was feasible is an important accomplishment. However, the paper will focus on unpacking the overwhelming positive response from teachers to the truly immersive experience to discuss pedagogic and methodological implications. The benefits to pre-service and in-service professional development and potential for utilisation of teacher owned mobile devices will also be discussed.