Future possibilities: analytics and enhancement

15th Enhancement Conference | Glasgow Caledonian University | 7th June 2018

Learning analytics help us to identify and make sense of patterns in educational data in order to enhance our teaching, our learning, and the student experience. Since emerging as a distinct field in 2011, learning analytics has grown rapidly. Institutions around the world are already developing and deploying these new tools. In order to use analytics effectively, we need to take time to reflect on our aims. What does enhancement mean in our context, and how can analytics help us to achieve that goal? In order to do this effectively, one of the things we need to do is to look into the future and consider the changes that are likely to have taken effect by the time our analytics are up and running. In this talk, Rebecca will talk about the current state of learning analytics and the many possibilities on the horizon. She will also introduce ‘Analytics in Action’ – a framework that can be used to introduce analytics to support enhancement.

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