Invited Talk

Learning analytics: facing up to the challenges

NYU LEARN | New York University | 3rd March 2020

The aim of learning analytics – according to the definition agreed by the community ten years ago – is to understand and optimise learning and the environments in which it occurs. This work involves the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data about learners and their contexts. The value of these datasets to entrepreneurs, political groups, opinion shapers and scammers has become increasingly apparent, and the opportunities for misuse, for bias and for harm are growing rapidly. The learning analytics community has been aware from its formation of the need to develop and apply a clear set of ethical guidelines for learning analytics. In her talk, Rebecca Ferguson will outline six ethical challenges that face those working in the field. She will outline ways in which these are currently being tackled and open up conversations about how the NYU Learning Analytics Research Network can take on these challenges.

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