Conference Presentation

Individual, team and individual learning from incidents: What do we know and where are we going?

JURE 2017 | The University of Tampere, Finland | 27th August 2017

Learning from incidents (LFI) is a sub-section of workplace learning that looks at how companies learn after accidents and near-misses in order to prevent similar occurrences. The literature on LFI has focused on learning from a variety of perspectives: the individual, the team, and the organisation. Studies have drawn on a multiplicity of theoretical perspectives related to learning, but there exists limited understanding of how LFI functions as a learning process from its beginning to its end.

To conceptualise LFI as a form of adult learning and identify current gaps in understanding a systematic literature review was undertaken. 60 studies were identified that analysed aspects of LFI as a learning process. To outline current understandings of LFI as a learning process, the individual, team and organisational learning perspectives considered in the articles were drawn together and summarised. This allowed for identification of gaps of knowledge in the current conceptualisation of LFI.

Studies on individual learning can be connected to two educational theories: experiential learning and agency. While agency, particularly barriers to engaging with LFI, has been explored in many studies, relatively few have looked at how learning activities can guide individual development through experiences. Learning activities that can guide development at the team level have been explored to an extent in the current body of literature, but there remains much scope for development in this area, including how different teams interact with each other. The organisational level of learning has been investigated from several perspectives including models of the procedures and methods of evaluation. The field could benefit from more studies that investigate how individual and team learning affect organisational learning, for example, the impact a particular type of learning activity has on the accident and near miss rates of an organisation.

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