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Chris Edwards


I am the module team chair for H817, Openness and innovation in elearning, a 60 credit masters module in our Online and Distance Education programme. I help run this programme through staff tutor and assessment responsibilities. My contribution to teaching also includes data wrangling, through which I support the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) by providing analyses and reflection that enables them to better pursue the enhancement of their curriculum and the student experience.

My data wrangling interests overlap those for research through a project I am working on with Mark Gaved, to better structure and manipulate pathway data (Edwards, 2017; Rienties et al, 2018; Clow et al, 2019). My other research activity is directed towards the TeSLA project, which explores the use of e-authentication tools within online student assessment (Edwards et al, 2018(a)and(b); Edwards et al, 2019; Okada et al, 2019). Also, The MOVEME project, also called 'MOOC Italiano Inglese in Tandem', in the project section (Perez-Cavana and Edwards, 2017).

Chris is a lecturer in IET/LTIA/WELS and chairs the masters module ‘Openness and innovation in elearning’. He is one of the authors of ‘The critical researcher: educational technology in practice’ both are modules in the Masters in Online and Distance Education programme (MAODE), which now includes the University's first module delivered through FutureLearn. He has also written and taught on a FutureLearn MOOC, is one of the University’s Data Wranglers, serving FBL and now FASS, and has held institutional responsibilities for the Stage-gate process and for scrutiny and use of learning outcomes.















TeSLA (An Adaptive Trust-based e-assessment system for learning) 2016 - 2018
MOOc Italiano Inglese in Tandem 2015 - 2017


Invited Talk

6th November 2019

TeSLA: multifactor verification for online assessment

Transforming Assessment Webinar Transforming Assessment, an Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (ASCILITE) special interest group

Invited Talk

20th September 2018

Learning and teaching at the Open University

7th National Conference on HE Borovits, Bulgaria