Dr Liz FitzGerald is a Senior Lecturer in the Institute for Educational Technology at the Open University and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She was the founding Director of the LTI Scholarship Centre (LATIS) from 2018-2020. She provides expertise in distance learning and teaching and knowledge exchange as part of the OU's APD (Academic Professional Development) unit. She previously taught on the Masters (MA) in Online and Distance Education. She is also the EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) champion for IET.

Her overarching research interests are concerned broadly with professional digital learning, situated learning and sense-making in educational technology. This has included research into mobile and location-based learning; the role of technology in changing or maintaining professional practice; and how personalisation in TEL can contribute to effective learning and teaching. She supervises doctoral students in a number of educational technology areas.

She worked previously at the University of Nottingham, at the Learning Sciences Research Institute (LSRI); the Schools of Computer Science and Biology; and in the Graduate School. She is also a qualified secondary school teacher.

Her publications can be found in the 'Publications' tab of this page. Many of her presentations can be found on Slideshare and you can find her on Twitter as elara99.












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PKF (Police Knowledge Fund) 2015 - 2017

Zuckerberg is ploughing billions into ‘personalised learning’ – why?

The Conversation | 9th December 2015


Best Paper Award (2006)

Best Paper Award at ICALT 2006 conference

Lord Dearing Award for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (2009)

Co-recipient, as part of the Graduate School Research Training Team, University of Nottingham. Awarded in 2009.

Theodore Holm Nelson Prize (2007)

Best paper award + $1000 prize money for Best Newcomer Paper at Hypertext 2007 Conference.

WISE Tech Innovation Award (2017)

Co-recipient as part of an all-female team, this award recognises outstanding contributions to gender balance in science, technology and engineering.

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