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I have a first degree in Computational Science and a PhD from the Department of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Edinburgh. My research focus is human-centred design of environments for learning. My main current interest is to investigate 'citizen inquiry' - a fusion of citizen science and inquiry-based learning. I am leading development of the nQuire platform, in collaboration with the BBC, to support mass participation in social science experiments. As Academic Lead for FutureLearn (, I have worked with that company to develop their platform for massive scale online courses, based on a pedagogy of 'learning as conversation'. I have also been lead author on the Innovating Pedagogyannual reports, to inform teachers and policy makers about new developments in teaching, learning and assessment for a digital world.

Mike Sharples is Professor of Educational Technology in the Institute of Educational Technology at The Open University, UK. He also has a post as Academic Lead for the FutureLearn company. His research involves human-centred design of new technologies and environments for learning. He inaugurated the mLearn conference series and was Founding President of the International Association for Mobile Learning. He is Associate Editor in Chief of IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies. He is lead author of the Innovating Pedagogy report series and author of over 300 papers in the areas of educational technology, science education, human-centred design of personal technologies, artificial intelligence and cognitive science.




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Examining learning processes through the integration of two informal science learning approaches: Natural History Museum-led citizen science 2017 - 2021


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