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CitSci Edu

Understanding and improving the experience of educators engaging young people in citizen science activities

1st August 2019 - 30th April 2021

CitSci Edu is a collaboration between the IET (OU) and the OpenSystems (University of Barcelona). It focuses on understanding and improving the experience of educators who engage young people in citizen science activities. To this end, surveys and interviews with educators who have already embedded citizen science activities in their classrooms will identify their motivations, engagement techniques and difficulties. Following on the analysis of the surveys and interviews, a discussion group taking place in Barcelona will focus on how to support and improve the experience of the different types of mediators and consequently of young people.

The IET and the OpenSystems research group at the University of Barcelona will jointly devise instruments for surveys and interviews; identify educators and other mediators to be interviewed around Europe; engage in face to face discussion groups on how to develop engagement techniques and supporting strategies; and run a workshop for practitioners.