QEI Dissemination and Visibility

Quality Enhancement and Innovation (QEI) Report on Dissemination and Visibility: Website Presence and Annual Report


Raising the profile of the OU's Quality, Enhancement and Innovation work.


The project is aiming to raise the profile of QEI work both internally and externally and, as such, is based on the production and publication of the QEI annual report summarising the work by the team across the different work streams and a section of the Institute of Educational Technology (IET) external website for the work of the QEI team. After discussion with QEI team an overview of the content required and means to present it was produced along with content for mock pages to be discussed in a workshop prior to production of the pages content.

The role of IET

QEI is a key group within IET with 4 thematic workstream areas that relate to the core work of the unit in researching innovative learning and educational technology.This project will ensure the internally facing work that is produced has an externally facing profile that also takes account of the sometimes sensitive nature of the findings produced.This could also lead to increased interest in and profile for the groups work from external individuals such as interested academics and potential students and other organisations that may wish to collaborate and discuss QE work generally.


Ideally this should make the work of QEI much more visible to an external audience so, for example, it can be found by other academics, students and other interested parties from outside the OU as currently it has no presence on the IET website.  A key measure of this success would be visitors to the site increasing since the QEI presence has been included.

As there are 2 journals produced with the QE team in IET having a presence for these on the externally facing website and visits to their respective webpages can also be used to measure and identify impact.