Understanding and Improving ‘Fair and Equitable Research Partnerships’ in Response to Global Challenges

This programme of strategic research and capacity building aims to inform UKRI’s work on ‘fair and equitable research partnerships’ by eliciting a partners’ perspective on partnerships.

22nd March 2018 - 14th June 2018

This project responds to the need for strategic research on understanding and improving ‘fair and equitable research partnerships’ to inform UKRI policy and practice. Drawing on a network of experts from academia, civil society and research capacity building providers, it aims to mobilise a ‘partners perspective’ on participation in partnerships as the basis for establishing principles for best practice and thereby strengthening the impact of UKRI-funded research. This aim translates into the following objectives:

  1. Model a fair and equitable research partnership and generate reflexive learning through a process of co-production;
  2. Supplement ongoing survey evaluations of UKRI-led international research with qualitative research into partner experiences of participation;
  3. Draw on existing evidence-informed frameworks to identify barriers to and opportunities for fair and equitable participation in research;
  4. Convene a roundtable to bring together international experts with decision-makers on RCUK/international research policy to interrogate the research findings, establish principles for best practice, and identify capacity needs for different stakeholder groups;
  5. Consolidate existing resources on supporting best practice around fair and equitable partnerships for different stakeholder groups;
  6. Develop training models for each stakeholder group responding to the principles;
  7. Deliver tailored recommendations to UKRI to improve policy and practice.

Our role is convening a network of 4 co-investigating partner organisations (see below)

  • Christian Aid
  • UNESCO Chair in Community-Based Research
  • Social Responsibility in Higher EducationPraxis Institute of Participatory Practices