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IET is home to two research journals. Founded as part of IET’s commitment to foster world-leading educational research, the journals offer continued opportunities to engage with pioneers in educational technology, open learning and other areas of innovative pedagogy in advancing knowledge and debate.

IET-based editors work with co-editors from various units and institutions, supported by international editorial boards whose members bring additional expertise and diversity. Occasional Special Issues are produced in collaboration with guest editors from around the world, in recent years from The University of Lleida, Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB, Spain), Deakin University, The University of Cape Town, The Open University of Hong Kong and South China Normal University.

Open Learning: The Journal of Open, Distance and e-Learning

A leading international journal first published in 1986, Open Learning Journal publishes theoretical and evidence-based scholarly articles on developments in open, distance and e-learning; alongside shorter practical articles and book reviews. Submitted papers reflect developments in the field globally and are subject to rigorous, anonymous peer review by relevant experts.

Editors: Denise Whitelock (The Open University, IET), Chris Douce (The Open University, STEM), Charlotte Stevens (The Open University, Academic Services)

Journal of Interactive Media in Education (JIME)

Founded in 1996, JIME is an online, open-access journal funded by the Institute of Educational Technology. The journal focuses on the implications and use of digital media in higher education. Papers are independently peer-reviewed and the journal aims to foster multidisciplinary and rigorous intellectual debate on the theory and practice of interactive media in education.

Editors: Martin Weller (The Open University, IET), Katy Jordan (University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education)