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Dr Jude Fransman

Honorary Associate


I have an interdisciplinary background spanning international development, education and science and technology studies. Prior to joining the OU I worked at the UCL Institute of Education and Institute of Development Studies (Sussex) and as a policy analyst for UNESCO and the OECD in Paris, France. My research focuses on community-based research, multi-stakeholder collaboration and the geo-politics of knowledge production. I am interested in questions such as: how can research systems respond better to global challenges? What can collaboration, critical analysis and learning contribute to these systems? And how are knowledge and participation mediated by funding systems, institutional agendas, social practices, material artefacts and personal identities? My research is framed by a commitment to social, environmental and cognitive justice, with implications for recognising and strengthening research capacity in different contexts. I am also interested in research impact and particularly in relation to Oversees Development Assistance (ODA)-funded research. I co-convene the Rethinking Research Collaborative (RRC); an award winning international network of academics, civil society organisations, international NGOs and research support providers committed to working together to encourage more inclusive, responsive collaborations to produce useful international development research:

Current research and appointments:

2020-2025: I am the expert advisor on Research Fairness for the evaluation of the Global Challenges Research Fund conducted by Itad:

2020-2022: I am a member of the Canadian Natural Sciences and Engineering Council (NSERC) Public Impact Value Proposition (PIVP) Selection Committee (advising on societal impact of funding applications)

2020-2022: I am a member of the Advisory Committee for the SSHRC-funded project: Bridging Knowledge Cultures: The Knowledge for Change Global Consortium on Training Community-Based Participatory Research

2020-2021: I am Chair of the Academic Board for the FCDO-funded 'Learning from Consortia' programme:

2020: I am supporting the Institute of Community Studies at the Young Foundation with their evidence synthesis on the impacts of Covid-19 on UK communities

Previous research (as Principle Investigator):

2018-2020: I coordinated the research and learning strand of a DFID-funded (UK Aid Connect)project: 'Evidence and Collaboration for Inclusive Development':

2019 The RRC conducted a small, experimental study on virtual world-building in complex networks (funded by the OU 50th birthday Research Award for 'Best External Collaboration')

2018: 'Understanding and improving fair and equitable research partnerships around global challenges'- aprogramme of strategic research and capacity building for UKRI (funded through EPSRC and the Global Challenges Research Fund):

2014-2018: 'Engaging research for practice: A civil society perspective' - an Early Career Fellowship funded by the Leverhulme Trust:

2015-2017: Evidence and the politics of participation in academic-INGO research partnerships for international development' (a 2-year ESRC Seminar Series in partnership with Christian Aid, Action Aid, HIV/AIDS Alliance, UCL, IDS, LSE):

2013-2014: 'Becoming academic identity in the digital university' funded by an award from the Society of Research into Higher Education (SRHE):

2007-2011: My PhD explored the politics of representation in academic and community-based research in/on/with/by a migrant community in London

You can watch some of my recent public talks here:

International Webinar Series on Open Science and the Decolonization of Knowledge (UNESCO/Knowledge Equity Lab):

European Association of Development Institutes (EADI) Webinar:

Research on Research Institute (RoRI) Launch Event at Wellcome Collection:

Development Studies Association (DSA) Workshop:

Institute of Development Studies (IDS) Public Talk:

Impact Initiative event:

Additional research experience includes studies on adult literacy in South Africa, Tanzania, Viet Nam, Thailand and Mexico (in collaboration with Kings College London, University of East Anglia, the Departamento de Investigaciones Educativas in Mexico City, BALID, Literacy Working Group, UNESCO and ActionAid International); participatory learning and teaching in higher education (Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex); and the use of video in social science research (Institute of Education, London Knowledge Lab). I am a special adviser in adult literacy for UNESCO, adviser on global challenges for the National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE) and Associate Advisor for the Christian Aid Centre for Excellence in Research, Evidence and Learning (REL). I continue to conduct consultancies for a variety of international organisations.




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First prize winner for 'Best External Collaboration': OU 50th Birthday Research Awards