Knowledge Alliance to enable a European-wide exploitation of the potential of MOOCs for the world of business (BizMOOC)


This EU-funded project tackled the European challenge of enabling businesses, labour forces and universities to modernise; developing cross-sector knowledge exchange; and co-ordinating their activities and exploitation of the potential of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).


The consortium consisted of 11 full partners and 3 associate partners out of 11 countries deriving from Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs); industry (large companies & SMEs); NGOs; and related networks. Jointly we established a common body of knowledge on MOOCs, supporting the development of a common understanding of needs and issues which are supported through European wide guidelines, recommendations and good practices published as an open access book.  Several online learning pilot courses were developed and evaluated.

The role of IET

The role of IET in BizMOOC was to provide expertise in delivering online education (particularly through the use of open educational resources (OERs) and MOOCs), drawing on institutional knowledge to advise on pedagogical innovation and to evaluate course materials produced by the project. At the project conclusion, IET led the development of an open textbook ( based on the results, drawing together contributions from across the consortium.


Impacts of the BizMOOC project are as follows:

  • the open provision of a common framework comprising and furthering experiences & good practices of experts from different parts and sectors of Europe;
  • the facilitation for citizens all over Europe to acquire skills needed for employment through open access and innovative instruments (on the short-term by the Pilot MOOCs, on the long-term by the MOOC BOOK's impact);
  • the enhancement of the quality of teaching and learning through cross-border and cross-sector exchange;
  • the fostering of the University-Business collaboration in Europe, catching up with the US in U2B in terms of collaboration with large Multinationals.

Research programmes


  • Erasmus+: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices (KA2)


  • The Open University (UK)
  • University de Alicante (ES)
  • Burgas Free University (BG)
  • University of Economics Krakow (PL)
  • AVL List GmbH (AT)
  • openHPI (DE)
  • DIDA Srl (IT)
  • Košice IT Valley (SK)
  • EADTU (NL)
  • The European Students’ Union (ESU)