Global OER Graduate Network

1st May 2016 - 30th April 2019

The Global OER Graduate network is a global network of PhD students involved in projects, policy development and implementation strategies on open educational resources (OER).

At the core of the network are doctoral students whose research projects include a focus on openness in education through, for example, OER, MOOC, open data, open licensing and open access publishing. Around these students is a network of experts, supervisors, mentors and interested parties.

The aims of the GO-GN are:

  • to raise the profile of research into open education,
  • to offer support for those conducting PhD research in this area, and
  • to develop openness as a process of research.

In addition to publishing details of events, funding opportunities, publications and webinars, the site provides a space for members of the network to discuss research activities with peers and experts.


Conference Presentation

8th March 2017