Virtual museums in the COVID era

The VISITOR project will develop virtual visits to museums, via a game-based application, for schools to use and align with their curriculum activities.

1st March 2021 - 28th February 2023

VISITOR (virtual museums in the Covid era) aims to facilitate virtual museum visits for schools and integrate virtual museum activities into the school curricula. The objectives of VISITOR are:

  • The creation of a digital library for teachers and other practitioners to search and share virtual museums and exhibits
  • The development of educational use cases for the museum exhibits (for example, lesson plans)
  • The development of a gaming app that will host museum exhibits and educational use cases for those.
  • The creation of a training course for teachers to support them in engaging with the digital exhibits and the gaming app.

VISITOR is an Erasmus+ funded project and a collaboration between universities and small organisations in the UK, France, Greece and Belgium.