Photo of Dr Duygu Bektik


Dr Duygu Bektik (née Simsek)

Lecturer (Academic Professional Development)


I am a Lecturer in Academic Professional Development (APD) and I am leading the Research Career Development (RCD). RCD brings together professional development activities for the Open University's central academic & research staff at all stages of their careers. RCD also works in partnership with the Graduate School to continue to deliver the RCD Programme for Postgraduate Research Students as well. I am also an academic lead for the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers and actively work to implement its seven principles. I am responsible to support reporting and monitoring of the Open University's plan as a whole and to demonstrate the University’s commitment to the Concordat principles.

My research interests currently lie primarily in the fields of learning analytics, particularly discourse-centric learning analytics, e-assessment, AI in education, the effectiveness of visualisations and visual analytics dashboards, successful integration of ICT into the teaching and learning process, and achieving gender equity in academia and empowering women in academia/STEM. I also co-run the openAIED which is a special interest group bringing together researchers across the Open University who are interested in the application of Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED).


Over the last 10 years, Dr Duygu Bektik has been studying and working in the fields of computer science, education and instructional technologies, to explore and understand how students learn, what makes them better learners, how to measure the learning gain, what improves the environments in which learning takes place, and how the use of technology can enhance learning activities.

She holds a Ph.D. in Learning Analytics from The Open University, UK in which she focused on the use of writing analytics, particularly automated analysis of meta-discourse in student writing, to support tutors’ essay assessment practices. Besides her Ph.D., she holds B.A.&M.A. degrees in Computer and Instructional Technologies, and MSc. in Software Engineering. She also holds a teaching certificate to practice teaching ICT in primary and secondary schools, with various teaching experiences both in Turkey and in the UK.

Dr Bektik is a mixed-methods researcher with an experience of holding one-to-one interviews, focus groups, designing questionnaires, and carrying out statistical analysis including regression and Jaccard. She joined the Open University's IET as a Postdoctoral Researcher to work on the TeSLA (Adaptive Trust e-Assessment System for Learning) project, involving 18 European partners, funded by the European Commission, H2020. The overall objective of the TeSLA project is to define and develop an e-assessment system, which ensures learners authentication and authorship in online and blended learning environments while avoiding the time and physical space limitations imposed by face-to-face examination. At the time, additionally, she worked for the HEFCE funded, ABC Learning Gains project, which is a longitudinal mixed method study, assessing the suitability and scalability of the Affective-Behaviour-Cognition (ABC) Learning Gains model across the higher education sector in England. She also worked on Single Component Assessment project, funded internally by the OU. It was a quality enhancement project, investigating the impact of determining a student’s module assessment score through a straight average of all the assessment tasks, rather than requiring students to achieve separate thresholds for the continuous assessment, examination or end of module assessment.

Following this, she worked in the IET’s OpenTEL research team as a Postdoctoral Research Associate, a role she has carried out from September 2017 till April 2018. She was responsible for the publicity, dissemination, impact, and engagement of the OpenTEL team activities as well as supporting the events, seminars, and bidding (grant writing) workshops. Additionally, at the time, she worked for the EVALUATE project, funded by Erasmus+ Key Action 3, that examines the effectiveness of educational intervention and aims to develop digital and language skills, and competencies of future teachers in EU countries. She also worked for the PKE (Police Knowledge Exchange) project, commissioned by the NPCC via the College of Policing, that aims to conduct a short project to identify enablers and barriers to police sharing both within their force and across forces.

Since April 2018, she is a Lecturer in APD and leading the coordination of Research Career Development programme.



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As part of The Open University’s Open Science Laboratory project, received full PhD funding

by the Wolfson Foundation

Best demonstration award

at the Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference in 2014

Exceptional achievement award

at Bilkent University in 2011

Listed as high honour student each semester

at Bilkent University (2006-2010)

Received 100% merit scholarship towards the undergraduate and masters studies

from Bilkent University