Photo of Dr Irina Rets


Dr Irina Rets

Lecturer in Online teaching


Dr Irina Rets is a Lecturer in Online Teaching at the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University (UK) and a Visiting Researcher in the Department of Management Science at Lancaster University. Her research seeks to understand how technology can be leveraged to improve social justice in the learning contexts, and more generally - in society.

Irina is a Fellow of Higher Education Academy (FHEA). As a seminar leader and then an Assistant Professor she taught a variety of academic university courses on education to undergraduate and graduate students in international English-medium settings, as well as in the UK.

Research of Dr Rets has been published in such WoS impact factor journals, as Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, Interactive Learning Environments, International Journal of Ed Tech in HE, Computer Assisted Language Learning, as well as in such CORE A conference proceedings, as Learning at Scale.




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