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Dr Julia Sargent BA (hons), PhD, SFHEA



I am a Lecturer working in the Institute of Educational Technology (IET). I have worked at the Open University and IET since 2018, supporting teaching and research in Academic Professional Development. My role in the past had been mainly focused around the development of scholarship training and supporting pan university scholarship. I currently work within the Curriculum strand of IET where I support the development of curriculum and courses such as microcredentials.

I am currently chairing two microcredentials - HZFM883 'Teacher Development: Embedding mental health in the curriculum' and HZFM888 'Teacher Development: Using Scholarship to Improve Practice'. I am the acting Academic lead for the PGCAP (Posgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice) for the university.

My research interests include digital technology, teaching, learning, strengths-based approaches and practice-based research. I also explore the combination of digital technologies and pedagogy to investigate how digital technology can support teaching and learning in different contexts such as physical education.


Julia is a Lecturer who has been working in the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University since 2018. She currently works in the curriculum part of IET working on the microcredentials courses. Her research involves exploring digital technology and it's relationship with teaching and learning in different contexts.

Previously, Julia has worked in the field of Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy and has explored the use of digital technology to support learning and teaching.



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