OER World Map


The OER World Map is the place on the web where anyone involved in Open Education can share information, resources, experiences and ideas related to their work.


OER World Map facilitates the exchange of data, information, experiences and ideas between different people and Open Education communities worldwide. Built on the premise that Open Education has the potential to enhance education for all; OER World Map fosters democratic participation in education; sustainable development and social justice. Educators, librarians and instructional designers can share their work and their perspectives, increasing the visibility of their work and connecting communities of practice.

The role of IET

IET provided support for research and communications in the start-up phase of the project.  This included developing authentic use cases for the services provided by the map; informing the information architecture and refining messaging for different stakeholder audiences. 


The OER World Map provides relevant data and information to all stakeholder groups from the field of OER. The OER World Map is intended to provide the information needed to support the self-organization of the OER movement. The information provided is used for a wide range of purposes, including:

  • connecting actors with each other facilitating co-operation and sharing of resources and knowledge
  • providing qualified lists of repositories and other OER services to help teachers and learners find educational resources relevant to them
  • supporting policy makers in taking and defending strategic decisions by providing meaningful statistics and overviews of the open education movement and its associated impacts.