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GO-GN is producing its own Open Educational Resources

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GO-GN is producing open publications for its network.

The GO-GN (Global Open Educational Resources Graduate Network) project connects PhD candidates around the world whose research include a focus on open education. This focus may include open educational resources (OER), open educational practices (OEP) or Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), or another type of research in the field of open education.

Along with over 100 doctoral researchers are at the core of the network, GO-GN also includes over two hundred experts, supervisors and mentors who contribute to the network to form a community of educational resource practice. These individuals contribute to yearly seminars, online webinars and the production of e-access, open educational resources.

Discussing future publications in open education, Martin Weller, Project Lead of the GO-GN project, shared the opportunities for the network to produce its own open educational publications:

"At this stage what we would like to do is use the community to contribute back to the broader OER research world."

"During 2020 we produced a methodologies report which invited GO-GN researchers to contribute a summary of the methods that they used in their PhD, why they thought it was useful and to provide a brief account of it. We have also produced a really nice research methods handbook which is open access, openly licensed, with some really nice graphics which is available for anyone to use. Next year we are going to produce a handbook on conceptual frameworks within OER, and a research review which will be published under an open access license".

"We are producing some quite nice outputs now, and using the community to help us to that."

As the publications that GO-GN produce are shared throughout the open educational resource community, the understanding of what OER is and what the principles of it are can be more widely promoted. With GO-GN researchers contributing to publication outputs alongside OER experts in the network, the awareness of open educational practices can be promoted at new educational institutions and engage new researchers.

To view the list of publications the GO-GN project has produced, visit the GO-GN project website here.