An EdTech Foundry in IET

Business Models

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In the Foundry, we support the cohort’s project teams in designing and developing a minimum viable product (MVP) or even a minimum value product. This requires considerable business thinking and development. Most notably, this involves building up the expertise in the start-ups to understand intellectual property and associated licensing models, including Open Source.

In liaison with OU Enterprise, we intend to provide the legal overview of different standard license types and a recommendation matrix which serves best in which context and for which requirements. Moreover, business thinking requires to make an informed choice about the business models and value proposition, scanning the space of popular EdTech business models.

In the following video, Gemma Maldar, Head of Enterprise Services at The Open University, covers Pillar 2 of the Foundry, Enterprise Services and Business Models.

Bespoke tools are available for the development of models, such as the business model canvas and the value proposition canvas. To support investment, we intend to arrange demo days and e-pitches to investors, selecting the appropriate mix of early-stage angel investors and venture capital companies, as needed.

Mentoring and coaching services for the business model development help develop the strategy of the project’s admitted to the Foundry.

More information about how you can apply to take your project to scaled success will added to this page over time. Keep up to date with the IET website for further information.