An EdTech Foundry in IET

IET is establishing an EdTech Foundry, an online start-up incubator dedicated to technology-enhanced learning. We are open to EdTech projects that are ready for a wider market with potential to scale, across the Four Nations and internationally. If you want to contact us, email:

About the IET EdTech Foundry

The EdTech Foundry is an online startup and spinout incubator, open to projects from across the Four Nations of the UK, and globally, who use technology-enhanced learning and educational technology to advance learning and teaching.


We offer the support needed to begin your software development process, guiding start-up teams in technology-enhanced learning towards the release of a minimum viable product, an MVP.

Business Models

In the Foundry, we support the cohort’s project teams in designing and developing a minimum viable product (MVP) or even a minimum value product. This requires considerable business thinking and development. Most notably, this involves building up the expertise in the start-ups to understand intellectual property and associated licensing models, including Open Source.

Knowledge Exchange

As a part of your project's journey through our Foundry pathway, regular reviews will be organised to idea, mock-up, demo, and pitch your way to disseminating output at-scale.

IET EdTech Foundry selects businesses to join the start-up accelerator

The Open University (OU) has selected six innovative start-up businesses to join the IET EdTech Foundry.


IET EdTech Foundry Phase 2 Winners Selected

Earlier this year The Open University (OU) invited EdTech startups to apply to join the IET EdTech Foundry, an accelerator established to speed up the scaling-out of research and innovation through knowledge exchange, across two phases of staged development.