Photo of Peter Devine

Peter Devine BA (hons), MA

Educational Technology Designer

As a designer in the Institute of Educational Technology I have multiple roles. I offer basic graphic design services for online, print and motion. I provide broader design thinking on behalf of research projects to help ensure those projects achieve their stated aims. I also host design workshops and facilitate user experience (UX) processes both for our IET colleagues and Open University activities.

Peter Devine has been with The Open University since 2006 and is currently the Digital media specialist within the Institute of Educational Technology (IET), a unit within The Open University (OU) which investigates the role technology plays in learning and teaching.

Since joining the OU, Peter has undertaken a senior graphic design role on nQuire, an online platform to explore your world of curiosities, the university Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and the Virtual Microscope. Peter also played a senior design role in the conception of the OU Media Player which is used for the presentation of audio and video material.

Previous to his time at the OU, Peter worked in Design, Advertising and Corporate Communications for Philips Professional Publishing designing for CD-i, First Information Group designing educational CD_ROM titles and The Open Agency as their new media designer wringing for clients such as Disney Europe and Demon Internet.

Peter gained a Masters degree with distinction from St Martins College of Art and Design studying part-time over three years in Communications and New Media. Peter's first degree in Graphic media design was studied at The London College of Printing.



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