Linked Journeys

Linking analytics to study journey representations to retrospectively understand patterns in students’ perceptions of their mental health


This project built on the original design of Our Journey - an interface for students to represent their study journeys. It developed understanding of the links between the events that occur in these journeys, other forms of student data, and student mental health and wellbeing. This provides opportunities for feedback to the institution, dialogue between students and staff, and new forms of student support.


Unlike a survey or other research method, the aim is that the activity of representing the study journey is engaging and useful for students. The tool encourages reflection on successes and challenges, and could be extended to provide guidance and support to students based on their input.

The project uses a participatory approach to working with students and stakeholders, in order that the systems produced by the project are appropriately designed. This includes the need to consider perspectives on privacy and data use. These can be addressed through design, for example supporting the student to have ownership over sharing of their journey where this might be sensitive. Further key considerations for exploration through workshops and trials include designing the tool to afford effective representation of events and emotions, the value of engaging in the activity of creating, reviewing and sharing the journey, and the value of the journey representation data to institutional staff.

The Our Journey platform can be accessed here.

View the Map Your Study Journey video here.



  • JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee)