Disabled Students, ICT, post compulsory education and employment: in search of new solutions

1st September 2016 - 31st August 2019

Developments in digital technologies, assistive technologies, online learning, and social networking can support or disadvantage disabled learners. The practices of educators, and the educational systems in which disabled students learn, vary across countries and institutions. Ed-ICT is an international network that brings together practitioners and researchers to share perspectives, synthesise research and evidence, and construct explanations and future solutions together on a world-wide scale. Funding from the Leverhulme Trust is supporting symposia to be held on the following topics:

  1. Effective models and frameworks
  2. Stakeholder perspectives
  3. New designs
  4. Effective practices
  5. New solutions

Each symposium is hosted in a different location, and local stakeholders, including students with disabilities and professionals involved in supporting students at local institutions, are invited to attend alongside the network members. In this way, a grounded understanding of current challenges and practices is shared and developed across countries. This will lead us towards new solutions and understanding of effective practices that can be shared and implemented internationally.

Dr Tim Coughlan and Dr Chetz Colwell of IET are network members, and Ed-ICT is led by Professor Jane Seale at The Open University.