'Effectiveness Evaluation of augmented ReAlity for delivering highly-DEXterous work instruction'


This project proposes to examine the impact of Augmented Reality (AR) in the training of users on the assembly of composite materials.


This project is designed to develop and utilise AR systems to aid composite manufacturers challenge to reduce waste, complete tasks within a shorter timeframe, and to work with a consumer-driven ‘right-first-time’ production. The use of AR and immersive technology within training/on-boarding have been shown to offer increased benefits of time and efficacy of the workforce. Added to this, the AR training is autonomous, which reduces the need and cost of a human trainer. AR can lead the way in offering manufacturers improved process, flexibility of working methodologies, less time and cost to train and the opportunity to upskill the different levels of the workforce.

This project is also aligned to the Professional and Digital Learning research programmes in IET.

The role of IET

IET coordinates the project and is lead contractor, managing communications between all parties involved. To help disseminate the impact and findings from the project internally but to also advertise the project impact externally.


Research programmes


  • Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA)


  • National Composite Centre (NCC)