Pathways - e-Assessment for African Higher Education


Meeting the needs of African tertiary educators to develop understanding of e-assessment


This project will co-design practical teaching activities and curricula on e-assessment with African tertiary educators.

Over 500 teachers and education professionals from across Africa took part in the supported pathway through the OpenLearn 'Take Your Teaching Online Course' offered in the Pathways project. Evidence suggested that e-assessment is the area that participants find the most problematic and desired more understanding of.

The project will bring together OU and ACDE academics to co-develop, deliver and test core components of a course, where possible using existing OER and webinars. The outcome will be an e-assessment course that responds to the practical challenges faced by leaders and innovators in African Higher Education Institutions.

This project is also aligned to the Learning in an Open World research programmes in IET.

The role of IET

The IET team will lead the project, providing expertise on e-assessment from our research and teaching practice. We will conduct interviews with educators to gain understanding of the key issues, and then structure and facilitate the online co-design activities.

We will work in collaboration with the International Development Office (IDO) and the African Council for Distance Education (ACDE) to engage educators from across the African continent in the co-design activities and to disseminate the results.



  • The Open University PVC-RES Coronavirus Research Funds


  • African Council for Distance Education (ACDE)