Digital Innovation

Student studying with laptop.

The Open University is unique among UK universities in combining a mission to widen access to higher education with research excellence. We have over 1000 research academics working at the forefront of knowledge in the sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities.

At the OU, innovation has been at the heart of our learning and teaching for 50 years. We were the first university to make all its undergraduate course materials accessible by smartphone and tablet.

We have some of the world’s leading experts in new and emerging technologies. And we have some of the world’s leading experts in the theory and practice of learning. It’s that combination that makes us special. We don’t believe in innovation for innovation’s sake. It must add value to the learning experience.

We systematically assess new technology as it emerges to see how we can make it work for learners. Everything we do is underpinned by rigorous evaluation and trials, so we only put into practice what works. Our record speaks for itself.

There has never been a more exciting time for learning technology and our digital innovations will lead the way.

Download the OU's Digital Innovation Case Study here (PDF 686KB), or read the stories below.

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