3MPower (Mobile Learning for Empowerment of Marginalised Mathematics Educators)


The project investigates the relationship between at-scale teacher professional development with technology, and the teaching and learning of numeracy skills in primary schools in Bangladesh.


he study explores the use of technology for teachers’ professional development (TPD) and its impact on learning of numeracy skills in primary schools in Bangladesh, looking at marginalisation through the lenses of geography (i.e., low-income rural communities) and gender (i.e., female teachers and learners). It will mainly study at-scale TPD courses provided via Muktopaath, a Bangla-language e-Learning platform used by 400,000+ teachers. It will focus on courses to improve the teaching and learning of numeracy in primary education (grades 1 to 8), notably Anonde Gonit Shikhi (Let's learn Maths with fun). The following five cross-cutting themes are being addressed in this study:

Scale and sustainability - target programmes require teachers to use their mobile phones to access content for TPD.

 ● Context - the study focuses on school-level realities; it will use peer researchers (female primary teachers in rural schools) to gather research data through conversational interviews with other community members and puts great emphasis on engagement with stakeholders in knowledge co-creation.

Equity - every aspect will be considered through lenses of equity and gender. Every school and teacher involved in our project will be selected from marginalised or low-income communities.

Learning outcomes – we will agree on the instruments with stakeholders, to ensure they are relevant and culturally and politically acceptable.

Cost effectiveness – the cost-effectiveness analysis investigates the experiences of teachers and students in schools serving children from low-income or marginalised communities, particularly in rural areas and among ethnic minority communities.

The role of IET

IET are leading one of the streams of the project which focuses on equitable access to digital technology for TPD.


Research programmes


  • Edtech Hub


  • University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Government of Bangladesh