nQuire: Young Citizen Inquiry

nQuire: Young Citizen Inquiry


The project aimed at supporting young people act as scientists.


nQuire: Young Citizen Inquiry was a research and development project funded by Nominet Trust and coordinated by IET at the Open University in collaboration with the Sheffield UTC. The project aimed to support young people be scientists by enabling them to take part in genuine scientific practice through an online open science laboratory. Young people will broaden their understanding of how science is done, co-design investigations, engage in inquiry learning and experience the thrill of finding things out.

The role of IET

Leading the project implementation and coordination.


The nQuire-it platform and the Sense-it app were designed as a result of this project. The Sense-it app gave access to smartphone or tablet sensors. It could be used to check the type and hardware model of Android devices’ sensors and view the recording the sensors generate in a graphical way. The app was designed to assist young people in collecting, visualizing, and storing data when implementing science investigations.

The nQuire-it platform has been redesigned and replaced by nQuire at More details about the project can be found here.