Models of support for African teachers moving online


Delivering packages of teaching for educators in Africa


The pandemic has accelerated the need to provide good quality online teaching in a very short time. There are a range of online courses and free materials available to teachers to help them obtain the skills to move their curriculum online. However, there is a lack of understanding of how these courses and activities can be curated, personalised, or delivered in a supported way to help educators achieve meaningful learning outcomes.

The project has devised and delivered packages of teaching for educators in the African context, about delivering online learning and teaching, using a range of OER and the innovative learning platforms and processes that IET have created and can be applied toward online teaching at scale and in smaller cohorts. These include nQuire, Our Journey, and Tricky Topics, alongside Badged Open Courses and online tutorial sessions.

This project is also aligned to the Learning in an Open World research programmes in IET.

The role of IET

Working with the African Council for Distance Education (ACDE) and the TESSA network, we have identified two subject areas which address gaps in understanding across member universities and institutions:

  1. Effective ICT based strategies for teacher education and preparation
  2. Effective instructional design and pedagogies for tertiary teaching online

The programmes created for these themes have been joined by hundreds of educators across Africa. The research component of the project will increase understanding of the potential to create effective training and how this can impact as the world moves to greater use of online teaching and learning approaches.