The Jennie Lee Building

openTEL is one of the Open University’s strategic research areas, encompassing interdisciplinarity by bringing together researchers from across the university with an interest in Open Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL).

The Open University is the European leader for massive innovation in learning technologies which break down barriers globally. openTEL supports this by driving innovations in teaching, learning and assessment which have worldwide influence. openTEL is chaired by IET’s Professor Eileen Scanlon and members of IET play a key role in progressing this research area, working collaboratively to investigate how innovative technologies can help people learn in different places – using their smartphones, for example, or through technology embedded in the environment – and how these technologies can enhance learning and empower learners.

The openTEL Show & TEL events bring experts in Technology Enhanced Learning from across the university together to share TEL research outcomes, network and exchange information. To find out more about openTEL activities, reports and events, view their website here.