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Join the Kick-Off Meeting for the IET EdTech Foundry

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The IET EdTech Foundry is an online start-up incubator, supporting projects using educational technology. Join our Kick-Off Meeting taking place on Monday 26th September 2022, to about the OU's package of infrastructure, enterprise support, and coaching, taking projects from the pilot stage to scaled success

The Open University's Institute of Educational Technology (IET) is establishing the IET EdTech Foundry as avenue for start-up projects from across the Four Nations of the UK, and globally, who use technology-enhanced learning and educational technology to advance learning and teaching.

Register your interest in attending the Foundry Kick-Off Meeting and see if your project is ready to benefit from more than 50 years' experience in educational technology in practice.

Why have we established the EdTech Foundry?

The Open University (OU) has a one of a kind track-record in digital teaching and learning, advancing Educational Technology (EdTech) in a way which has shaped how remote learning is done, globally. We are the largest university in the UK, teaching more than 168,000 students per year and having a global reach of more than 264 million people through our BBC co-productions.

As a part of the OU, the Institute of Educational Technology (IET) is the world-leading research institute focused on progressing innovation of learning technologies and their application. Since its foundation in 1970, IET has led research on every major innovation in educational technology, including computer-based learning, hybrid learning and teaching, learning with artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots, microcredential short courses, eXtended Reality, assessment and more!

So, what can our EdTech Foundry offer?

The IET EdTech Foundry is taking the next step to progress technology-enhanced learning in the mainstream. Open to EdTech projects that are ready to scale-up their activities, our Foundry is a digitally accessible hub providing an attractive package of infrastructure, support, and coaching, to take projects from the proof of concept or pilot stage to scaled success and automation.

The EdTech Foundry offers an inclusive technological gateway, with services supported by a framework of pacing events (including calls for participation, selection, software development DevOps support, pitching, demo days and investor e-pitches). Our Foundry offers the opportunity to scale-up projects with complete online access, levelling the playing field on your terms. Find out more about the services available within the Foundry below.

Agile Infrastructure

We offer the support needed to begin your software development process, guiding start-up teams in technology-enhanced learning towards the release of a minimum viable product, an MVP.

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Business Models

In the Foundry, we support the cohort’s project teams in designing and developing a minimum viable product (MVP) or even a minimum value product. This requires considerable business thinking and development. Most notably, this involves building up the expertise in the start-ups to understand intellectual property and associated licensing models, including Open Source.

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Knowledge Exchange

As a part of your project's journey through our Foundry pathway, regular reviews will be organised to idea, mock-up, demo, and pitch your way to disseminating output at-scale.

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Join our Kick-Off Meeting and meet with esteemed members of The Open University as we launch the EdTech Foundry, exploring how our incubation hub can be a gateway for start-up projects to realise their enterprise potential.

Register your interest in attending our kick off meeting to take the next step forward for your technology-enhanced project here.