Pioneering teaching innovation through technology enhanced learning

Mobile learning for migrants and refugees Summer of Making

Talks and Keynotes

Conference Presentation 3rd September 2019

Keynote 23rd May 2019

Smart tools for mobile language learners

International Symposium - CALLmi: where are CALL and MALL going? Directions for future research Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy

Keynote 4th April 2019

Designing inclusive and engaging structures to facilitate creativity and learning

The Museum for All People: International Congress on Art, Accessibility and Social Inclusion Madrid, Spain

Invited Talk 21st March 2019

Invited Talk 12th March 2019

Conference Presentation 11th March 2019

Our Journey: Designing and utilising a tool to support students to represent their study journeys

INTED 2019: 13th annual International Technology, Education and Development Conference Valencia, Spain

Keynote 7th March 2019

Data analytics: analysing millions of points of UNISA student data

8th Research & Innovation week UNISA Johannesburg, South Africa

Invited Talk 7th February 2019

Workshop 30th January 2019

Workshop 22nd January 2019

Introducing Digital Badges for Learning

Digital Badges Symposium Delhi, India (via remote link)